Preferred Shading Project | 2018

Ryan Needham

Preferred Shading is a rendering architecture based on work at Pixar in the 1980s to develop a rasterisation-based alternative to recursive ray tracing for the rapid offline generation of high-fidelity computer generated images. While it has origins are in graphics for cinema, it is being heralded as a viable contender for modern real-time graphics applications and has a number of architectural characteristics that suit modern rendering APIs such as Vulkan and DirectX 12. It also exhibits high-level design characteristics that make it suitable for rendering scenes in Virtual Reality.

Under this architecture, shading is performed in texture space before rasterisation occurs, hence why it is also referred to as Texture Space Lighting. Conducting shading in this way also causes the entire surface of each object to be shaded, not just the visible parts, leading it to be known by some as Object Space Lighting.

This webpage provides a central repository for the source code, full report, and a collection of figures and footage demonstrating the relevant background, design, implementation and evaluation of preferred shading.

Source Code

Preferred Shading Renderer

Forward Shading Renderer

CPU Ray Tracer

Mesh Toolkit




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